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So this was my first cross race and I loved it! I got there early and got registered and all that. Then I went out to check out the course. It was already starting to get sloppy. There were some tough run-ups and a couple tight switchbacks. LOTS of off camber stuff. It had been pouring pretty much since Thursday night so it was only going to get sloppier.

I decided to go with the "C's" for my first race. 4 laps of the course. Had I gone with 42:20 rather than 42:18 I prolly would have gone with the "B's" but I just couldn't spin very well and an additional two laps would have been brutal trying to mash through the mud. I felt awesome on my dismounts, barriers and remounts. If only my saddle could say the same. By the end of the race the rails had enough. My saddle was leaning allll the way over to the right side from my girth landing on it jumping back on. (If anyone knows a tough as nails saddle let me know). I ended up finishing 22nd out of 28 (I think, don't really remember). Different gearing would have made a big difference but I just gotta learn as I go. :)

That was the end of my racing but I enjoyed watching the B's. mates Tim (Lumberjack) and Jeremy (Punk) and board regular Zilla rip through the increasingly muddy course. Lots of quality riders in the B's (lots of sandbaggers too:p ) The A's were impressive, I don't know how I would survive 8 laps! Nice to see Tom (Purple Helmet) crushing it SS style with the big guns too!

Great to see everyone out there! I really can't wait to get out and do it again!

I added lots of pics to the gallery! Check em out! Some of ya might be in them:) Some vids on Youtube as well.

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Pretty sloppy out there today. Glad you had fun at your first race! By the time we went at 1:00 the course was absolutely demolished...perfect way to start the season!
ya that was crazy!

i think i got a pic of you goin over the barriers. did you see it? i think thats you:)

That's actually my teammate, Terry Ritter! Thanks though...
Posted on your original string before I saw this report ... great race, nice job on hanging in there and thanks for the vids, very cool. I think we'll be doing some "lawn" repair this week but well worth. As I mentioned elsewhere the best shot is going to be of everyone washing their bikes and bodies in the big wading pool by registration. Classic!


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