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Hey everyone I am looking to convert my current 1x 8 setup to 1x10 with some different gearing as well.  I am looking for suggestions on the most economical route to go.  Not really wanting to buy a whole new groupset.  Mixed and matched parts and/or used suggestions would be fine as long as it works.  Need to save up for some new wheels as well.

Current setup:
39 x 12-25, Campy Veloce 8 speed setup

Would like
39 x 12-28 (or 32) 10 speed setup (I have Rival on my road bike and would like to convert to Sram)

Will probably need to change out:
rear wheel
rear der
rear brifter

I know Apex is available if I need it, but any suggestions for what might work that is a little cheaper would be great!

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I don't know how Performance got my address, but anyway... the new Performance catalog that I got this week listed Rival derailers for something along the lines of $60 (less than I got my used one one eBay... ARG!) and has single Rival shifters for $150ish. Talk to you LBS and see if you can get away with a single shifter cheaper though.


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