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Hey all,

We're headed to Las Vegas to cover Cross Vegas and Interbike.

Cyclocross Magazine wants to know what you, our readers, are interested in seeing.

Give us a shout! I'll be checking this thread throughout the week.

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New innovations are always cool to see, i.e. the latest in brakes, wheels, components, etc. What are the racers running on their bikes. Are they switching to SRAM or sticking with Shimano, 9 speed, 10 speed, single or double ring.
Bigger, better, clearer pictures and more pictures of everything cross. All the little details of thing's you usually would not notice....maybe some focus on the smaller and un-noticed manufacturer's that never get the lime light at Interbike, but have some cool products and ideas.
new dew hickeys for the bike, cool t-shirts/clothing, weird attachments, anything you won't find at performance bikes or nashbar...

cool random bike stuff that the majority of the world doesn't even know exists.

i need to start my christmas list!
I'd like to see coverage on the Cross Vegas shenanigan's.
we'll definitely have that. word is the created a fencing to keep away the spectators from the racers so that no beer handups are possible, unless you have really long arms.
Thanks for covering the gathering Josh. There are two things I'm really interested in:

- Thomson's new seatpost clamp (I know, I know, but remember, it's the little things that make a difference...)

- Also, if you could check out the Edge Composites booth - not only will they surely have some of the blingin'-est wheels around, they might be showing off a new handmade 'cross bike by a company called October, based out of Massachusetts. I'm excited about seeing more of the bicycle and the wheels.
Good feedback all, keep it coming!

Dan, I've got a meeting with Edge Wednesday.
I raced against a guy on an October on Sunday. Looked like a pretty sweet bike!
October will be at the Quad Cross this weekend.
That's my October! Come to the Quad Cross race in Bedford, MA this Sunday to see more. October Hand Made will have a tent there with several road, mtb and fixed bikes to see. I'll be racing in the C4 and Masters races.

I've raced the October cx twice so far. It's true cx machine. It's a full Ti frame setup for 1 x 10 with no unnecessary bosses or mounts. This is the first time I've had a frame that's not aluminum and the Ti provides a welcome level of comfort that just can't be achieved with aluminum. This is a beautiful frame from the custom milled head tube to the S-curve stays and the integrated seat mast. The handling is the best I've ever ridden. I can push it as hard as I want into the corners without worrying about the front end washing out and with the quick steering can make last minute changes in direction. I'll post some pictures and more details next week.

I'll be out there myself doing a lil' reconnaissance for my shop. Defiantly going to cross vegas among other things, will post pics here. If you see someone looking suspiciously like my avatar say "hey"
EuroJosh, there will be 4 of us there...perhaps even in the industry "race". Say hi if you see us in our shirts or hats.



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