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Thanks to 'cx magazine for helping out with this year's event!

1st - Mike Koetsier
2nd - John Osgood
3rd - Mark Dettman (a.k.a. SURLEY BASTARD!!!!)
4th - Martin Burk
5th - Mike Doezema? (Sorry I can't read the writing very well...)
6th - John Romain
7th - Scott Jankowski
8th - Jeff Festian
9th - Cris Davison

1st - Laura Melendez
2nd - Amy Haney

Juniors U-14
1st - Billy Kroll
2nd - Nolan Osgood

Juniors 15-18
1st - Roger Uplegger
2nd - Joe Bernath

B - Men
1st - Ted Ramos
2nd - Patrick Russell
3rd - Brian Jankowski
4th - Anthony Ponton
5th - Scott Fabijanski
6th - Russ Greenwood
7th - Mark Caffyn
8th - Scott Chapin
9th - Todd Powers
10th - Benjamin Miller
11th - Ben Christian

B - Masters 35+
1st - Jeff Janey
2nd - Dave Hollis
3rd - Wayne Cook (SINGLESPEED!)
4th - Randy Rusceak
5th - Tom Sawyer
6th - Jan Gatowski
7th - Franklin Kroll, Sr.
8th - Jeff Wood
DNF - Stave Balogh

1st - Anne Schwartz
2nd - Susan Schubel
3rd - Karey Collins
4th - Anne Grofvert
5th - Tara Tasma
6th - Lillian Ruiz
7th - Sarah Manning
8th - Brinn Pope

1st - Don Cameron
2nd - Peter Ehmann
3rd - Mark Walowiec
4th - Terry Ritter
5th - Matt Baroli
6th - Mike Seaman
7th - Brian Mitchell
8th - Jon Morgan
DNF - Jimmy McMurray

1st - Mike Wissink
2nd - Jeff Weinert
3rd - Vince Roberge
4th - Tim Saari
5th - Matt Ashley
6th - Tony Wieczorek

John Osgood, Todd Powers, Randy Rusceak, Tara Tasma, Roger Uplegger, Matt Ashley, Mike Seaman

THANK YOU to all who showed up and to our sponsors! Another successful Ithaca GP in the amphitheater of PAIN! Hope you enjoyed the day!

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looks like a successful event! if you have photos and a race report, please do post it!
Thanks Brian! Spectacular course, and beautifully run event. Everyone that came with us, including some newbies were absolutely thrilled with the course, the event, and of course all the great swag! We're all coming back for more next year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
All I can say is wow! Great event. Well run, great prizes, great music, and awesome course! This is what grassroots CX racing is all about and why I got into CX racing in the first place. BTW, thanks to Cyclocross Magazine for sponsoring the event by giving out magazine subscriptions and free magazines on site! There was a stack about 8 inches high at the start of the race and they were completely gone at the end. Very cool!


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