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Hey everyone out there who has ridden or has a confirmed response that could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I just got my 32 mm Grifo's and I was wondering if anyone knew if they were DIRECTIONAL??? I have seen the tires mounted with the center "arrow" treat pointing in the direction they would be rolling, but I have seen some elite racers including page running the "arrow tread opposite the direction they roll. Considering I am in the process of gluing them up does anyone know if they are specifically directional, or personal preference that has very little effect on ride...

thanks for any help everyone!

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I don't know about these tires specifically but other tires with a similar type tread often get mounted with the "arrow" running forward on the front and backward on the rear. Helps with both rolling resistance as well as braking control.
The technical term for the "arrow" is chevron. Now you can impress your friends with completely useless knowledge about tires.
HA... thanks mr. tire guru! Seriously! How in the world do you know such a thing?

Anyway, now that I have looked more, I am seeing that the likes of many people are running as Hamilton said. Front rolling IN the direction of travel and the rear rolling opposite to work more as a "scoop" in traction and under breaking pressure. Any other takes? Any pictures that may support my notion may also help before I take the time to mount these wrong!

Think of the bottom of the chevrons as making little shovels or scoops on the tire as they come into contact with the ground. You want the front tire's shovel to dig in when you brake. You want the rear tire's shovel to dig in when you mash the gas.

I think you can ignore the direction on the front tire since you can flip the wheel around if you want to change it. Its the rear that you have to be careful with.

Looking down on the bike would give you a picture like this:
Front Tire----------bike----------- >> Rear Tire>>


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