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I was out hitting the trails yesterday on my (newly built) Crosscheck and I noticed that I never used the top levers. When I had my hands on the tops of the bars I felt like I wasn't getting enough leverage to control the bike. I'm thinking about ditching them. Thoughts?

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Don't have 'em, can't imagine ever using them. Some pepople seem to like them, so go with what you're most comfortable with.

Descending...take a look at the picture of KfC descending in the Burney book - that's what I (hope) to aim for when descending! ( ;-) Yeah, right!)

I never used them on my first real cyclocross bike, so have not put them on any bike since. If it is so steep or technical that I could use them, I find that I have better control riding in the drops, fingers on the brake the levers. Better turning, weight balance and brake power than being on the tops.
i used to use them on my Redline but now with my tricross i don't, i think it's becaue the tricross fits me better so i'm going to take them off and save some lbs's


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