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So... I was looking around the Katie Compton page and came across this picture.... What's she rolling there?

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Cyclocross Mag wrote something on that here.

It now says:
Mark Legg-Compton has confirmed they are helping to test and develop a new carbon frame, but assured CXM that Katie will be racing on her Scandium Primus Mootry frames again this year.

But it used to say:
Although the pair is mum when asked about the spy photo or a possible change in bikes for this season, we suspect it’s a new Parlee ‘cross frame custom built for Compton.

Why Parlee? Earlier in the year we grabbed the photo below of Compton’s Primus Mootry rig, complete with a $100 carbon fiber Parlee front derailleur clamp. While Compton has been known to buy the equipment she wants to ride, we suspect this clamp (pictured below) was the start of a long-term relationship.
Nice.... thanks for the update. Reports say that she might be in racing in Frisco this weekend, and I'm on my way to Frisco to race cross...and maybe.....

Thanks again.
I checked out the bike this weekend and Parlee makes a sweet looking bike. It's a nude carbon frame with clean lines. It does not have that over animated carbon look. All the lugs to tube construction is smooth and clean. Congrats to Mark Legg, who piloted the Parlee to a win in the 35+ race.
Interesting, because Legg just posted this on his blog:

Incase you are a little slow in the head and still think Katie is racing another frame this year despite racing Cross Vegas on a Primus Mootry keep reading...

Katie is racing the 08/09 on a Primus Mootry.

I don’t want to hear anymore sewing circle gossip stories about Katie racing something else

End of story... go find something else to gossip about like how the current administration has bankrupted the country... who didn’t see that one coming, I mean really???

Here's a link.

So I guess you are "slow in the head." Who knew?
I guess…. responses like that tells me I should consider making future post very generic. I don’t want to hit anymore sore spots… don’t want to chap anyone’s ass.
Aw come on! I was hoping you'd send a picture or two! Come on, do it. Do it.

I really, really wanted to take some pictures and I had my chance to be that spy photo's guy, but a little voice told me just to look.


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