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Let's see some race reports from the regional races from this past weekend. anyone have any good mud? hot temps? I know some series just started, like MSG in TN...

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2008 Arizona State Cyclocross Championships

Men's Cat 4 Race Video -

Men's Open Race Video -

Cat 4 Race report -

Visit for the season results, pics and vids!
We had our season finale for the KISSCROSS series here in Michigan yesterday (Sunday 12.14.08). The best mud ever ...
here's a video that somebody put together from that race, it's really worth a look ...

Bet you wished you were there!
After summoning liquid bravery on Friday night, I showed up for the Kringle Kross Cat 4 start, at Camp Korey in Carnation WA. Warmup consisted of a ride to registration, and then back to the car. Our group had maybe 20 or 25 racers, and after a fun, counter-clockwise around the cone LeMans start, we rode back and forth through a horse field, downhill into an unrideable mud puddle, onto a bit of pavement, and into the first dismount. Well, most people dismounted, but the poor guy in front of me face-planted, in front of his girlfriend no less. He even caught back up to me, just to face-plant again in the same spot! After that dismount, there was a long mud slog, followed by some stairs, and another, uphill mud slog that had most people walking. Back onto the gravel for a short section, followed by more mud around a track-like field that ended in a mud puddle. Onto the pavement for a short section of uphill and then a grassy run-up. I went completely to merde about halfway through the first lap and just tried to maintain my non-DFL placing at that point. The course had four kinds of mud: soupy, peanut butter, chunky, and horsey. It was brutally hard and we did only 3 laps. Epic, cold, muddy conditions, coupled with a hangover: that's what cyclocross means to me. Next year I may try "training".
sweet. what was the overall turnout? curious if seattle is still going strong. when does the season end?


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