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It's time to start thinking about the menu for the upcoming Smithville Cyclocross Festival. What sounds good? I'm looking for suggestions.

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Taco and burrito bar, build your own kind of thing. Oh, and don't forget the beer, the cheaper the better. After all, we will be up in Smittyville.
Don't lilsten to Albino he doesn't like beer. In Topeka he had to have some wheat beer to get that "pale" taste out of his mouth.
Frites with Sauce American (no, it's not ketchup). Gin shots. There's this thing that's shaped like a hamburger that's sold at World Cup events. Tastes somewhere between sausage and grade school cafeteria meat. The plus is it's usually warm.
Oh, and if Albino doesn't like beer he might like Gluehwein.
Hey! I like plenty of different beers, just not ones made in Kansas City. : (

Hmm, Sauce American... is it that yuky stuff that miracle whip makes??

Gin shots at a cross race???!!! Like after every lap?? Now, that's a challenge. So who's bringing the hamburger shaped warm meat patties? Looking forward to the surprises at this race.
Sauce American seems to be warm Thousand Island dressing, with something else to give it kick. I kind of liked it.
we will be doubling your entry fee at the Boulevard Cup.
You're right. I should be punished. I should be sent home with lots of BLVD on Sunday.

Make sure it's enough to share with my friends. This way peer pressure and exposure might cause my taste buds to properly develope. : )
Hint share with friends Hint Hint


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