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I built a cyclocross bike during this past season and only got to use it once during the last race of the season. I wanted to try out the new SRAM Rival shifters, so I bought a set, but I think I'll stick with Shimano stuff. I just like the way the hoods feel better and they match my other bikes. This bike has been sitting unused since January.

I'd like to trade straight up for a set of Ultegra 10 shifters. Because the SRAM rear derailleurs only work with their shifters, we'll have to swap those too. All other parts are interchangeable between the two systems.

I've you're looking to try the new, cool SRAM stuff, this is a great chance. I'd also consider selling them outright or trade+cash for Dura-Ace 10. Thanks.

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not into campy, huh? I think I have some shimano 9 stuff - stronger chains, slightly better shifting in mud...

let me know if you get desperate and want those - I think I have DA and ultegra. What didn't you like about the SRAM stuff? Was it just the shape? Or shifting too? Maybe you can post a review in the "reviews" section as your opinion might help those of us in the market for a new ride before next season.

I thought it was "interesting" that redline's top bike has ultegra and their 2nd bike has rival. I thought SRAM was trying to market Rival as good as Ultegra but lighter and cheaper. Hmm...
It's probably too late at this point, but are you still looking to trade? I've got near-mint, low-mileage Ultegra 10 STIs and derailleurs, and I'd love to swap them out.
Oh man, bummer. I would have gladly traded but I ended up selling them on eBay awhile back. You might find some deals now that the '09 Rival has switched to carbon levers and everyone's getting carbon fever. Thanks though!


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