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we're always playing with pedals here. most of the time I don't even know what I'm about to clip into. we'd like community feedback on the candy vs eggbeater decision though. have you ridden both? decided on one? then chime in, that's the feedback we're looking for. what did you decide on and why?

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I have not ridden the candies, but a bunch of the local mtbr's break the candies. I'll stick with my eggbeater sl's.
Good timing Andrew. I was planning on buying some Candys in a week or two, perhaps someone will change my mind and save me some mis-spent $$. I like having a bit of a platform while I fumble around trying to get clipped back in, but if they're breaking all the time that's a no-go.
I actually own and have ridden and raced both. My conclusion is as follows. Origionally I went with a pair of pink candies and I didn't have many problems. The platform surrounding the egg beater part provided a nice perch even if I didn't get clipped in directly when remounting or starting. Sadly, after breaking them in I noticed a few things. For one the chrome tabs on the body ended up coming loose, chattering and eventually got ripped off. No biggy. Second problemn I had with them was that the housing around the beater slid at some point and started rubbing against the beater, not allowing it to flip smoothly.

Following this I thought I would try normal egg beaters. Strangely, clipping into them seems easier without the platform there. simply by sliding my foot forward and back eventually the pedal will simply flip onto the cleat effortlessly. Also, they are lighter, and for muddy conditions they seem to shed mud much better. FInally the kicker for the egg beaters is that I VERY RARELY clip them on roots, stumps, off cambers.

All in all both are great choices, but I really feel the performance of the egg beaters is hard to beat. I couldn't be happier!
I really like the Eggbeaters. I picked up a pair of SL's on ebay for about 75 bucks. The spindle has a flattened area that serves as a surprisingly good platform. They're four-sided, and I can clip in noticeably faster than a lot of other guys. That gives me a better start, I believe (not that I can hold my position after the first few hundred meters...). They don't get all gunked up with mud - my guess is it's as much the shape of the cleat as the pedal body. I bought them solely because I had one weekend last year where I couldn't clip into my spd's to save my life. I spent the latter half of the race, both days, riding on top of the pedal, which was really frustrating. It would take a lot to get me to try a different pedal system.

The candies have a bigger platform, but I'd give it up for four-sided entry any day. Especially for a short race with relatively stiff shoes, where you're clipping in and out a lot. They don't have a very positive "click", but you definitely know when you're in.
thanks andyb...but did you try candies? also curious what version spds you were using?
I have a pair of candies on my mountain bike. They're great, but I really do like the 4-sided entry of the eggbeaters. I can usually just stomp them and I'm in. And I'm not a big guy, they just work well.

Previously I was using an old pair of 737's. From wayyyy back... I had taken them off my old mountain bike. They worked great until they got jammed with mud and sand.

For what it's worth, I've heard people have trouble with the mechanism on the cheaper Crank Brothers pedals. The SL's shouldn't give you any trouble, though.
I have used shimano 959, the true new XTR, eggbeater, and candy pedals.

I think the XTR have the most solid feel of any pedal I have ever used, but I am sticking with the candy ones on all my bikes as they work...period. I will lose more weight during the race so the difference isn't a concern. I like the larger platform is I don't clip in right away. knock wood I have never had a problem with them.
candy FTW!
I originally used the entry level candies and after a few months the eggbeater mechanism became hard to turn. I overhauled the pedal and still had the same problem. I got a pair of the SL's and haven't had any issues since and I find them easy to get in and out of them during races. I got another pair of the standard version for my backup bike and they did the same thing as before. It sound like the eggbeaters are the way to go by the responses.
I have personally had my candy pedals clog up on certain courses with wet muddy grass. At one particular venue, the only pedal I saw that didn't get clogged was the regular eggbeaters. While the Candys and Atacs still worked, they were full of a grass/mud mixture.

I can get into my regular eggbeaters much easier than the candy version, especially on bumpy terrain.
I used Eggbeaters last 'cross season. Rode Candy's all summer. I liked the candy's once I was clipped in, the platform really helps. However, I struggled getting into the candys. In a muddy Utah race I'd end up never getting clipped in. I've found that the the best option for me is eggbeaters with 5-7 layers of duct tape rolled around the "platform" sides of the eggbeater. With my carbon soled racing shoes (Lake MX400), the shoe itself never contacts the pedal unless I build up the side w/ duct tape.
I've had years of great durability with all the Candies I've had as well as easy clip-in and a little more platform to catch me when I'm cross-eyed. I keep a set of Egg-beaters handy for really nasty mud and ice as they clear a bit better. First choice though has gotta be the Candy.


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