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we're always playing with pedals here. most of the time I don't even know what I'm about to clip into. we'd like community feedback on the candy vs eggbeater decision though. have you ridden both? decided on one? then chime in, that's the feedback we're looking for. what did you decide on and why?

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Candy's now. Speedplay frogs are nice too.
hey, you and peanut are two frog lovers - what do you like about them? just curious.
They shed mud very well and the way they engage, the mud that is there gets pushed out the back side of the cleat. The only thing I do not like is the float. A little much for my liking, but not so much to distract me. I would rather go with a candy over the frogs right now. If Speedplay reduced the float on the frogs, I'd go back to 'em.
I've got Eggbeaters, Candies and Quattros. Candies for `cross. On faster dismounts, I prefer to step through, and unclip before doing so. With the `beaters, it's awful easy for the cleat to clip back in, with the predictable bad result. The platform on the Candies makes it easier to keep that from happening.
i just broke my smarties a few days ago, which were less than a year old. i'm now back to just the plane ol' egg beaters which have served me well for much longer than the smarties did. it seems there is much less to break or go wrong with the much simpler egg beaters.
i liked the idea of having more surface area to push with if i was unclipped at the moment. however I raced with the plain egg beaters over the weekend unclipped at times and didn't notice much difference. i even felt i was able to get cliped back in easier after repeated remounts.
Been on eggbeaters for 3 years and just finally decided to try out the Candies. I like the larger platform a lot better for remounts - it makes pedaling while unclipped a world easier. That was my one problem with the eggbeaters, I couldn't just mash on the pedals after a remount. If I stomped on it immediately, I couldn't slide my foot forward or back, whichever was needed at the moment, to get clipped in. My only other option was to "medium" pedal for a revolution or three while trying to get the cleat to engage. With the Candies, I'm able to mash on the pedals immediately for 3-4 revolutions, get up to a speed again with some momentum, and then properly clip in. Honestly though, I also find that clipping in comes a bit easier with the Candies - more times than not I've been hitting the sweet spot on the remount and I'm set. Here in Colorado we don't really have to worry about mud accumulation, so mud clearance isn't a deciding factor.
Hmm... Maybe it's me, but I tried the eggbeaters recently for a few days and felt they had too much float and they were a bit harder to clip into when really going hard on rough terrain. I just felt kind of not connected to the pedals compared to my spd's. I really wanted to switch for the better mud clearing properties and lighter weigh, but for me they just didn't feel right when actually pedalling.
Just ordered a set of Look Quartz pedals... we'll see.
I have both actually. Both on Specialized Tricross bikes, one Tricross Single(w/Candy) and one Sport(w/Eggbeaters). I like the candies, they're easier to find when I mount. I've raced both bikes now this season and I've been riding the Sport as an all around bike lately, commutes and what have you, which is really why I bought it, but if I race it again I'll put the Candies on.

One thing is maintenance on these though. I've been using carb choke cleaner after every race to blast out all the sand dirt and then re-grease them. I'm not confident on the quality of these and they don't feel like they'll last the season. But then I am running the Candy C's. I don;t feel that way about the EB's they seem put together better.

They both clear mud well but for races I definitely would choose the Candies.
As I posted earlier here I use both, but did most of the season with Candies. Near the end of the season I switched from Candies to Eggbeaters as I was experiencing a lot of clogging with my Candies in late season mud. I really forgot how easy it is to click into the 'beaters. And I never had clogging problems, which I had begun to experience with my Candies near the end of the season when things got muddy and snowy. I may switch to 'beaters next year ...
egg beater i tried candys for part of last season but went back to egg beaters because it was easyer to get back into eggbeater over candys

I've had a pair of eggbeaters for probably fours years and bought a pair of candies "special edition" from an online retailer about three weeks ago.  Guess which ones broke first?  EB's are still going strong (strength in simplicity) and the candies failed me in a race right from the start ( made it through two races, officially).  What happened was the spring body just flattened out and wouldn't allow for re-engage. It appears the spring itself just slid over and will no longer keep tension. Kinda confusing because they're so new, this isn't a problem a rebuild kit can fix. 

And for that, I choose Eggbeaters immoveable spring design over the Candies.  (I'm gonna try a zip-tie to stop the candy spring from sliding over...too soon to throw away $$$)

I would get on the horn with CrankBrothers and see what they will do for you...


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