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Hello everyone. I need to do a project for my Statistics class, so I decided to compare data between men and women regarding cross bike fit, frame selection, use, and buying trends.

This is for my own personal research (we were recommended to do something interesting, and what's more interesting than cross bikes?)

The link to the survey is here:

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Thanks for actually making a concise survey.
Hope you get an A+
Finally! A survey worth filling out!
No problem. When I first set it up I was limited to 10 questions with the "free account" so I had to figure out a way to get all of the info that I needed with minimal questions.

My primary interest is to see what the average size of men are, then average bike size, and then compare that to women, along with buying trends. And of course I want to look at what everyone's riding.

There may be another, more detailed survey in the near future regarding component choices and wheel/tire selection, but I promise to make that one short as well.
Wouldn't inseam length be a reasonable question to add to this? Especially if your main interest is average male size and correlated bike size?

Very nice survey though. Of course it's much easier to critisize an existing survey than to actually create one that is meaningful. Hope you get the data you need.
It is relevant, however, a lot of people have no idea what their inseam is. I know men sort of have to know it to buy pants, but fewer women know their actual inseam. I figure, everyone nows how tall they are and what size bike they ride.

Anthropometric data is best left to someone actually measuring all respondents...which, funnily enough, will be part of my thesis (which is not on Cross racers, but on cyclists nonetheless).
Head Tube length is my biggest beef with current of the shelf CX bikes, generally to short for me, and I like horizontal top tubes.


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