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I will be doing my second ever CX race in a month. I know it's going to be cold, and I want to buy some gloves.

What should I get?

I like things to be minimal, and I have good circulation... so my hands stay relatively warm. But I want something that will keep the rain and wind out (just in case).

I also like to have velcro closeur (or something to strap them on).

What do you experts think?

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Fox inclines from what I have heard are very comfy. For me I never really wear gloves then I race. Training if it's cold I will. Check into adidas. I have always liked their gloves. I rode a pair of their race long fingers and loved them. If you are looking for something flashy, I love my 661 WHITE raji. Again, no expert here as 90% of the races I do are done gloveless (even in the cold). I like being able to feel my braking and shifters without cloth between them. I know... I am weird.
I love my 661 Raji's but for warm weather only, they breath nicely and give good protection when you crash without falling apart (don't ask how I know). I have some lizard skin brand gloves for cold weather they're a bit overkill but I have terrible circulation so my hands and feet get cold really easily.
You're not going to have them on very long, so mostly I like to prevent my hands from getting so cold they go numb and I can't shift and stuff. I just got my mom a pair of Pearl Izumi's at Highgear in Omaha that are wind and water proof. I'd rather have my hands get hot than be numb, having experienced the latter more than once. Make sure you can flex your fingers and that they have good contact points to improve your grip.

Last weekend I had on some wool gloves and they were a little too slippery on the bumpy sections.
Pearl Izumi Gavia gloves are good - maybe too warm for cross. Specialized Deflect are really good on all fronts.

Maybe Andrew will post the glove review from #2.
If you have XL or Small hands these are great gloves and they are only $18. They are comfortable in a wide range of temps and since they are wool keep you warm when wet. I raced in them at 45 degrees on a damp day and never thought about my hands.


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