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what do you guys use for cold or wet feet? is duct tape still popular? that was my ghetto solution back in the day.

we had a winter shoe review in our last issue. curious how many of you use them?

anyone use gore text socks?

how about booties? most are very hard to use without the tread being exposed, but heard 'cross booties are coming...

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i have several pair of cold weather socks... assos and im not sure what the other ones are. I'm origionally from Ohio so those kind of things were a must. Here cold is only in the 40's (thirties are dealy cold to southerners). Every once in a while Ill do the booty thing, but it has to be really cold. never had a real problem with them and clipping in though.
Pearl Izumi wool socks, maybe a coolmax over them if terribly cold. But want wool next to skin. I used Pearl Izumi MTB shoe covers last year at nationals. they were a life saver. never hurts to put a thin layer of embrocation on your feet either.
Ahhhh.. cold weather. Being from the great lakes area of Central NY I've finally come to the realization that nothing is completely warm well atleast here.

That said this year I have been using embrocation (Qoleum) and 2 pairs of wool socks of late and haven't had as many problems as years past.


Embro on the feet- be careful. It can casue toher parts of the body to get cold, like your core becasue embro basically casues more blood to go to that area.
embrocation makes the blood that is already in that area raise to the surface. it doesn't draw blood away from another's not like viagra.
Pearl Izumi makes a a mtn shoe bootie. It works okay but the front often comes up off the toe because of the bigger hole in the bottom. If you get these and are in between sizes, I'd recommend sizing down.

Another option, as long as it's not to wet on the ground is neoprene socks. These keep my feet toasty but if it's a wet course water will spray up on them and soak them. Just make sure you have space in your shoe for them first, if you don't you're feet will get colder from loss of circulation.
Gore socks work WONDERFULLY. We sell a lot of them to year-round commuters and winter MTBers.
I use Lake winter shoes, 1/2 size larger than regular shoes, gore tex socks, and a pair of wool socks next to the skin. The bigger size allows me to wear thicker socks, gore tex socks, and still have room so the circulation does not get cut off.
If it is really cold, below 15-20, I will use booties.
you guys forgot one winter shoe in the review. the Shimano MW80. it is super nice and warm. not sure if it is yet available in North America, ordered if from ProBikeKit UK. just simply got the same size as conventional shoes as you probably don't want too much foot slop out on the cross course. combined with a thin defeet wool sock it's nice. there are few drawbacks and that is the lack of mechanical buckle: velcro straps only. and the sole is not nearly as stiff as the M225. however, stiffness is overrated when you cannot feel your toes.

ah, isn't that a brand new shoe?

the tough thing about doing those reviews is josh actually did those last winter so that they'd be ready before it got cold. we can review the next batch out now, and they'll be ready for our spring issue. but in some places spring can still be cold and wet, so maybe we should call shimano now...

thanks for the heads up. IMHO, no buckle is smart so nothing gets frozen shut.
ah, good point about freezing buckles! on the flip side the top velcro strap IS nice and fat and long...
OK, I read everybody's comments and have tried most all. If you want to know what works for a freezing, mud-soaked hour in the you go. Neoprene socks! I buy larger shoes to accomodate them. You can be totally soaked walking thru water and have snow and ice on them and still forge thru in relative comfort.....I assure you! If it's gonna be REAL Friggin' cold {under 30}, a wool sock UNDER them works VERY, VERY well {but the shoes are too tight then.....till the first puddle anyway}......I SWEAR this works, and NOT just for Cross. Here in the winter mountains of the Cascades this technique works all winter with mountain bikes! And another tip for ya....take cayenne pepper 2 hours before....we make pills of them from cayenne powder from a health food type really warms you up {by thinning your blood supposedly}. Be warned....drink the pill with a large glass of water and some other food or your tummy will feel REALLY odd.....


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