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what do you guys use for cold or wet feet? is duct tape still popular? that was my ghetto solution back in the day.

we had a winter shoe review in our last issue. curious how many of you use them?

anyone use gore text socks?

how about booties? most are very hard to use without the tread being exposed, but heard 'cross booties are coming...

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OK, I read everybody's comments and have tried most all. If you want to know what works for a freezing, mud-soaked hour in the you go. Neoprene socks! I buy larger shoes to accomodate them. You can be totally soaked walking thru water and have snow and ice on them and still forge thru in relative comfort.....I assure you! If it's gonna be REAL Friggin' cold {under 30}, a wool sock UNDER them works VERY, VERY well {but the shoes are too tight then.....till the first puddle anyway}......I SWEAR this works, and NOT just for Cross. Here in the winter mountains of the Cascades this technique works all winter with mountain bikes! And another tip for ya....take cayenne pepper 2 hours before....we make pills of them from cayenne powder from a health food type really warms you up {by thinning your blood supposedly}. Be warned....drink the pill with a large glass of water and some other food or your tummy will feel REALLY odd.....
Nice looking Shimano shoe!
I started using the Pearl Izumi MTB booties and found that some strategically placed black duct tape around the toe and under my toe spikes keeps the front from coming up or off and interfering. Sure, it isn't foolproof, but so far it has done a pretty good job.
I use Lake Winter boots with smartwool socks. These really work pretty nicely, but as mentioned make sure they are sized big enough to handle thick socks. Whatever you do don't stuff your feet into extra layers of socks then cram them into shoes/boots that are too tight. Circulation will be affected and your feet will get cold immediately. I use shimano spds and the metal pedals act as cold-sinks to transmit the temp right into your shoe/boot though the cleat. The thick wool insole of the Lake boots works pretty well, but certainly isn't the end-all thats for sure. I have wondered if a composite bodied pedal would be any better at protecting against this transfer of cold through the pedal body?
Last year after Portland Katie went to the local bike store and paid retail for a pair of Sidi winter boots which she wore last cross nationals. They still get regular use. I use Northwave which also work very well.
Both work better than booties especially on those 15deg days in Colorado or those wet days in Belgium
I have a pair of Specialized Defroster "boots" that I wear when its cold and wet. Same tread as most SPC shoes and they have toe spikes too. I still have yet to use them at a cross race but once it gets to be that time of year and I am unsure what the race conditions will actually be like (if I go since I am kind of a cold weather puss) I throw them in the gear basket just in case.
They are tough to find in the U.S., but Northwave makes a wind-tex type fabric sock (similar to the Seal Skins), it's fleeced, but still thin enough to fit over a conventional cycling sock and still fit inside your shoes. Mostly water proof. I found a pair in Belgium a couple of year's ago (Mol, at Master's Worlds). I wore them at Nationals last year and stayed warm and dry on Saturday races. I intend to stock up on those this year.


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