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just got a set of fangos and put my first coat on the tire and noticed the tread peeling of the casing. any tips to fix or is it toast....

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I'm sure you will get some good responses here; my first instinct is to contact Challenge and get their take on it.

I'm interested to learn if anyone else has experienced this.
I "was" in love with my Grifo's until this year's pair. They keep peeling off the rim whenever I run lower than 32psi. The bead lifts out enough for the tube to stick out. Awesome tire, but those guys need to tighten up the bead a little. I should have expected problems when I put these on, and they went onto a standard Mavic Open Pro rim by hand. I stopped using them this season.

I actaually had that happen quite badly to a pair of grifo's I had. The front I was able to fix simply with some clear superglue, but the rear proceeded to get worse (considering the lower rolling pressure and strain. I contacted challenge and sent some pictures and they quickly sent out some new ones. I only had one small spot on the new ones where they started doing that again. BUT since i went ahead and aqua sealed those, it seems to be holding it down better. Since they are hand made, it's rather unavoidable. I know. Bummer. I guess thats the downside to some lonely man sitting in a warehouse strapping rubber to cotton.
Give them a call. Hopefully they will be as helpful for you as they were for me.
I have it currently happening on two sets of Grifos. One is a clincher version (both front and rear peeling in half a dozen spots or more). The other is tubular and only a couple small spots where the tread is loose on the edges.

Never happened on my Dugasts, even after serious abuse, err use. I may give Challenge a ring.
yeah, totally call donn at challenge. i'm sure he'd like to know, and can help you out.
I emailed Donn about it this morning and he got back to me within a few hours which is great. He is mailing me a replacement and I am mailing him the defective tire. I must say I am pretty happy about the level of service I got.
awesome, glad to hear it. donn (full disclosure - he's an advertiser) is great. he really does care about his product!
Do you happen to have his email? Because I'm having the same trouble with my Grifos, but the web site doesn't seem to give me the feeling that an English speaking person will receive my email. Thanks

what's that document on the table? interesting... or are we not supposed to see that?
that's some info on a proposed power transmission line from Washington state to Vancouver island. its the girlfriends project
I noticed my Grifo tubulars doing the same thing after last weekend's racing. I aqua sealed them and will see how they hold up this weekend. This worked for my brother's Grifos last year and they've held up so far (maybe 6 races including the brutal day at Nationals). Great to know they back up their product though.
just an update for everyone...a brand new fango arrived by fed ex today. thanks to all who provided contact info and thanks to Donn at Challenge for the great personal service


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