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I put my road wheels on my 'cross bike tonight and noticed that I had to adjust my brakes because they are 8 mm thinner then my 'cross rims. I was thinking that I could possibly use some inline adjusters to make up the difference.

What do most people do?

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8mm is quite a lot...pushing the limits of those inline adjusters. not sure what straddle you have but on the shimano like ones you can easily pull more cable down by the clamp without fussing too much. you might have less than ideal contact patch on the wheels though by simply tightening the cable - with the arc the pads travel, you might need to readjust. ah...cantis. you gotta love them.
If I'm just cruising around on my cross bike with road wheels on, as long as the bike stops I don't worry about it too much. It's not until race season that I get all uppity about my setup.


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