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So, I've got several somewhat conflicting setup issues, and limited resource$ of course.

I'm switching my road bike over to Ergopower 10-speed this summer, due to the limited availability of 9sp Ergo, time marches on, whatever.

The new setup will inevitably make it onto my cross bike this fall, since 'cross is way more fun than road riding. This is where the setup issues lie.

I've decided to start with a Compact chainring setup to start, which means a 50/34 in front. A variety of 10sp and even 9sp conversion options exist in the back that are intended to work with a Campy system. However, will the bolt circle diameter on a Campagnolo 10sp compact crank permit the use of any other chainrings more conducive to cross racing? Like, how do I get to a 42x12? Or should I forego the Campy system and get something else like FSA or Ritchey for the cranks instead?

Just wondering if anyone else out there in CXMAG land has a similar setup. Thanks.


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That's not totally true. I use a Campy compact crank and it has all 110 holes. I use an FSA 46T outer with Campy 36T inner. It's an older square taper all metal Centaur crank though. I believe all the new UT cranks have the one 112 hole. And like Andrew said, you can probably grind one of the holes on the chainring out to 112 if you are adventurous.
Only the square taper alloy cranks had a 110 BCD. All the other Carbon square taper and UT cranks have 110 BCD with the odd one 112. TA makes compatible rings though. Best bet is to get a standard 135 crankset and get a 46T ring. I would prefer to keep Campy cranks because I just like the Ultra Torque design that much.


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