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What do you guys and gals ride as far as forks go? I am currently built up with an older Alpha Q CX fork and was considering selling it and having Indy Fab build me a steel one to match the frame. Still looking into the pros and cons of this, so don't throw me to the dogs for considering steel over carbon. I just wanted to start a new discussion and get some insight.

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I just switched from steel to CF for this year. Apart from weight and aesthetics, I don't know that you are going to see a huge difference. Maybe I just have simple tastes, but I would not be able distinguish them in a blind taste test.
hey there,

curious as to if there is something in particular to the older alpha q that you don't like? shudder? look? flexi or too stiff?

I know from riding a bunch of forks that certainly all carbon forks don't ride the same. Actually that of course applies to steel as well. As for alum, I can't say I can tell the difference with the few I've ridden - I didn't enjoy the ride of any of them.
Some shudder, yes. Just curious if this is a common issue with carbon, my older fork, a combination of the two. I am running the TRP EuroX.
Make sure the new fork matches the axle to crown and fork rake of your previous fork. If you don't you will end up with a different handling bike... more often than not a crap handling one


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