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so I'm gonna play some more with tubeless, and I'm curious to know what tires have you folks tried that have worked well, and which ones to avoid.

i've heard the mud2, raze, and some panaracer tires have worked well for folks, along with the hutchinson tires. any others that you've tried?

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I've been a big fan of Salsa del Gado rims, cuz well, I'm cheap and they seem to be indestructible so far. I'm running IRD cross-fires--anybody tried that combo tubeless? The cross-fires are pretty tough to get off the rim when I have to fix a flat, figure that's a good sign?
yeah, that should be a good sign.

after lots more experimentation, we've realized there should be two categories now:
1) tires that work well as tubeless on stans rims
2) tires that work well tubeless on conversions

stans rims seem to be more forgiving on tire choice. c-note here on the forums has used the IRD tire with much success on stans rims. I have not tried it on a converted rim.
Last night I rolled my front tire (Vittoria EVO Pro) off my DA 7850sl with Stan's rim strip at 35 psi on a paved chicane. Trashed the rim strip in the process somehow. Getting tubeless right is becoming frustrating.


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