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Alright everyone. I need some input here. I just put the TRP EuroX brakes on the Ti Planet Cross and while they are brand new, I was looking at other compounds that others may have used. I have used the koolstop salmon pads on my old mountain bike and loved them. I know they wear faster, but I would rather go through pads than rims. With all the muck we put these bikes through, what have you had luck with? What did you hate? Discuss...

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not that we'll keep everything secret until then, but our issue 4 should have a whole review of different pads. but that's a while away - issue 3 isn't out yet!

the kool stop salmons were one of the better ones, but i'm not sure if the salmons actually wear quicker though. i'll let cliff our tester chime in here without giving it all away...
I guess the first question is, the KoolStop salmon pads wear faster than what? Those are amongst my favorites, though I might add the combo salmon/black have a better feel to me; slightly better modulation. For the smooth post shoes your EuroX brakes require, I'd consider the BBB cross-stop holders with either Dura ace or KS salmon pads. Or yokozuna makes a v-brake-length pad holder with smooth posts and it comes with either a salmon or black compound. There's certainly more details, results, and opinions in the article!
Dura Ace road pads, can't beat 'em...
I personally have found good luck in Dura-ace road pads (both cork for carbon and standard) as well as swiss stop. I like the feel of the green swiss-stop pads as well as the yellows for the carbon pads. It's also about finding a good combo of pad/rim combo and what works best you know.
I have used Kool-Stop Salmon Thinline pads on my Tektro canti's, and found them brilliant.
I am going to be moving to TRP EuroX's this year.
Do i take it that the cartridge pads that come with them, and the BBB CrossStop use normal road cartridges?
You're correct in this. I currently run EuroX brakes and standard road pad inserts. I think you will find things a bit more convenient with the road insert approach. Quick changes can be made, slightly cheaper, and with TRP's new re-designed pad toeing should not be a problem. I couldn't have been more happy with my braking this season, now if I could just stop ripping tires off of rims.
I think when it comes to pads the only option is swiss stop yellow, for all conditions, and all rim combos, yes even alum. And I am pretty impressed with the pad life.
Tektro CR720's use threaded canti pads with replaceable pads.
Can I fit Shimano road pads with replaceable cartridges?


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