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I've heard rumblings of a new, big national series coming this season. bigger than super cup and usgp big.

anyone heard similar news? we're working on a story about it, and know a guy involved, but wanted to hear what's been circulating via the rumor mill...

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all pure rumors now, but this new national series might be seven or more races? might be made up of existing races like gloucester and the boulder cup? hopefully none in conflict with the existing big series races like usgp. it'd be neat to see star crossed in vegas, cross vegas, glocester, boulder cup/redline cup and a norcal race team up to bring the circus to other places.
So far I've heard Crank Bros won't be sponsoring the USGP. I haven't heard much other than vague rumors about another national series but the time is right for a large one day event we can bank on before we get a watered down race series like the National MTB Endurance points series.

Katie is planning on racing World Cups this season and less domestic races. We had to cut back her US racing after last season. We spent a lot of time traveling and racing but very little time training which affected her all season especially after a trip to Belgium, catching a Euro cold, racing in Portland in the rain with it then training for a week before heading off to Kansas to ride Nationals. Once Nationals was out of the way and we were able to get in a nice block of training and she was back to my legs off during some very hard interval sessions on 20deg days. However, as you know the rest is history.
So more time racing with the Euro trash and less Kentucky Fried Cyclocross this season.
We're bummed about missing some of the US races but we have a job to get done this season.

What would be nice is to see some real prize money for the pros this year. $200 for a win while $45 of it was spent on an entry fee is not a great way to grow the sport at the Elite level. Running races have 10-50K for the winners so what's going wrong with race organization at the elite national level? I don't accept it's the number of participations determine the prize money because they still should be paying out better than 3.5 entries for the winner as prize money. It's something to ponder before we worry too hard about stringing together a group of individual races into a series with no prize money for the overall and pocket money for the win like USGP.
This might sound like a bit of a moan but it's reality for the hard working bike riders competing at the national level, even dorky road races have come up with something more than pocket money for the podium so lets reward those who are putting on a very high level of entertainment for all of us.
"cross of the titans" is the name... seems like most of the c1 non-usgp promoters are teaming up...most areas will have a race except norcal. :-(
Real prize money comes from big sponsors. That is the best way to drive bigger prize pools. While I appreciate supporting the "elite" racers, to me cyclocross is made up of so much more - something much more organic in terms of growth and appeal.


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