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So in putting together my first cross bike, my eyes settled on the nice Raceface Cranks on the MTB that doesn't get ridden nearly enough. I know they fit the Van Dessel but I was wondering if there are any issues with using these on a cross bike? Anyone know if the 9s chainrings will work with a 10s rear setup?

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the biggest issue you need to look out for is chainline. if you can go with a slightly shorter bb than what they were on, and still have the cranks and rings clear the frame, you should be okay for good shifting and q-factor. for the 10sp chain on 9sp rings...many folks do it. if you were in one of your hardest gears in the back, and the big ring, and downshifted to the small ring, there's a small chance the chain might not land perfectly on the small ring. i bet you'll have success. but what's the chainrings on that cranks? 32/42? might be a bit low. 34/44 might work okay.

you could single ring it - but make sure your chainline is good - put the ring in the position that is most inline with the center of your cassette.
Yeah, I did the SS mountain bike thing for awhile, so I'm conscious of the chainline. Looks OK in this case, but I have to get the big chainring and FD on and see how things go.

Had though about the single ring setup, but being new to cross and already having the shifters, I figured I should try the traditional setup first.

As far as the gearing I've had a bashguard in place of a big ring on the MTB, so I need to pick up a new big ring. Was thinking of the Salsa rings in 34/46?


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