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Sven Nys is having trouble with his back which caused him to pull out of MTB Worlds on the weekend.
L5-L6 according to the National Team Coach Rudy DeBie.
Yes I caught it too, there is no L6 so I would guess S1

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Due to certain cyclocross stars who probably should attend community college instead of performing community service in Belgium the latest news on renting RV's for the cyclocross season is this.
Due to Tom Vanoppen taking a chainsaw to his RV cutting out his Kitchen, I guess he needed some cash for some coke he was buying off Boonen and other riders using steel brushes to remove their sponsor decals off the vans RV companies will no-longer rent RV's to Cyclocrossers.
Bike riders
Not Brain surgeons...
Too bad about Nys, but love the Belgie remodeling story, though it will be a big inconvenience for some, I'm sure. Also sounds like Vanoppen got the coke up front before he started work ... maybe he'll get a Home Improvement (Belge-style) television show ...

Tom: "The Vanderfarts needed more family space, so I've decided to enlarge the common area with about pound of C4 ... boy-o will they be surprised when they get home from Euro-Disney!"
wow. i saw a lot of reports that said he had "bad feelings in his legs" and was lapped but didn't realize it was back problems. wonder if his olympics is in jeapordy!

so, china was sort of a no show. you think they're cleaning up?
Yeah it could be bad for Sven but he's had back problems before and still put on a good show.
China was a huge no show let's hope it stays that way. I expect WADA and the IOC to be putting some pressure on the Chinese to clean it up.
As for the Swiss looks like they are back on the program again or maybe they just performed more intervals than everyone else.


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