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I run avid canti's and am considering the short tektro v-brakes because I like stopping. What do you folks run?

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Yep, TRP Eurox would be much nicer if adjustable. The front end chatter nearly rattles out my teeth...

Paul Neo Retros are great but a real bear the first time you install them. Once they are set they are awesome brakes.
you can try the new "upgrade" kits for the euro-x that allow toe-in via the pad, but not sure if they are avail yet.
Kevin??? at TRP said they will be available as upgrades after interbike.
I just ordered adjustable canti-pads from Velo Orange - $15/wheel, way better deal than the MSRP $80 TRP wants for their Inplace Adjustable set...

The Euro-X brakeset I installed on my girlfriend's bike only cost $72 for the set so I have a hard time shelling out more than that for just a set of pads.

I look forward to receiving and installing the VO units.
we're reviewing those pads right now actually. let me know what you think.
will do - hoping they arrive by friday so I can install them prior to raceday Sunday.
Installed the velo-orange units last night - one set up super easy, the other I had to fuss with a bit more to get the pad to lock down.

It's sort of a double lock-nut situation with the inner threaded post plus the 8mm nut at the pad. I could get the pad angle to lock, but the pad itself wanted to spin on the post.

I finally did get it (it really didn't take that long) but I was apprehensive it might loosen up in today's race but it held.

Is there an order in which the pieces should be adjusted?

Also, I took the used pads out of the TRP units and put them in the VO pad holders and saved the new shoes. One comment - the set screw on the VO units is one allen key size smaller - I swapped the TRP screws onto the VO pads so the F&R would be the same (kept the stock TRP pads on the rear).


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