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I run avid canti's and am considering the short tektro v-brakes because I like stopping. What do you folks run?

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avid is so close to 'avoid' that its funny. i run pauls. tektros and cane creeks are mighty nice in my exp too.
You pose a loaded question because in my opinion stopping should not be a priority. If anything you want something to slow down your momentum enough to navigate a treacherous course or obstacle. If you're brakes are strong enough to stop you then you're more than likely run the risk of losing your wheels from underneath you.

Furthermore, consider the courses you race and the typical or anticipated conditions. Wheel choice will also weigh heavily on your brake choice(s).

Sometimes what the pros ride on their bike can be a bit deceiving because of sponsorship deals. However, study the unsurpassed quality and attention to detail that goes into a pair of Paul's Neo Retros or even the new highly adjustable TRPs (Tektro's high-end lable.) They're adjustable to the point you can tune them for specific race conditions in advance.

Hopefully this will help influence your decisions.
I think Avids get a bad rap. I've tried Avid, Pauls and Froggleggs and liked the Avids and the Pauls the best.

The Pauls get the nod because they're made in USA, and cool looking. But I think theyre stopping ability is right there with Avid.

Personally, I always liked stopping. It gave me the feeling that I could really speed up without worry that when I approach this off camber muddy section I will have too much momentum.
the thing I didn't like about avids is the stock cable hanger and forces a set position making it hard to optimize for clearance or power. if you replace that, i guess they're fine.

i wonder if there's a big difference in stopping power/quality between the bottom and top avid models though.
It's easy to get rid of that stupid yoke and just put in a straddle wire with a hanger - you've got plenty of cable so you don't have to route a new one. While I run Paul's on my race bike, I've put Avids on the pit bike and training bike and they work fine. Stop just as well and they're practically bomb proof. I probably run the Paul's 'cause they're just-so-pro, you know ... Just get rid of that crappy yoke thingie the Avids come with ... it's take two minutes and costs about $5. Don't know if there's a difference between models. Just a tiny bit of weight, is my guess.
Paul's. Neo retro up front Touring in the rear (to get a little extra heel/calf clearance).
I still have a scar on my right thigh left by my Neo Retro three years ago. WTF!?!
Straight XTR v brakes with no travel agent. Great stopping power. Let's be honest all brakes rub when filled with mud, so why not get some good braking action.
no travel agent, really? with STI? or longer-travel brake levers? i guess is sac there isn't mud til late season anyway... do you bring a pit bike?
I am with Christian, I think of slowing or friction not stopping power. I have had luck with spooky, frog legs and Paul. I will run spooky on my custom Zank. Think slow, not stop!
You lose so much momentum in trying to stop. It's a fear you have in your mind. You're no longer racing when you stop. You're getting passed.
I have an Avid BB7 up front with a Stan's disk, and Spooky Carbon cantis in the back.


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