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okay, so I've got a 15 year old zefal husky floor pump and almost thirty years of racing experience. I've thought I've had reasonably calibrated fingers and can gauge tire pressure pretty well.

but for $5 at a bike swap, I bought a digital tire pressure gauge made by Slime. I took it home, and tested all my wheels. Mountain bike tires - 18 psi. 'Cross clinchers - 24 psi. Road tires, 85 psi. Hmm. Seems pretty low I thought. Must be a lemon. So I ignored the gauge and continued believing my zefal pump.

Then the other day at the LBS, I decided to buy another gauge (same model) to see how far off the original (bad) gauge was. Funny thing, it's exactly the same.

So now I'm stumped. Either my buddy zefal and I are way off, or slime's gauges are consistently wrong. Not that it really matters - I will ride the pressure I ride anyway, but it's interesting to compare to pressures of others, of pros, etc.

So, anyone use a separate gauge? Any experience with these cheapo digital gauges? Anyone use gauges religiously, as opposed to the pinch technique?

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I'm using the Craftsman as well. It does read differently than my trusty Silca but as Marc points out at least you can calibrate to that particular pump.

Get in the habit of squeezing your tires though. At some point you'll leave that pump at home or forget to charge your inflator and then what?

People freak out over the Craftsman. I bring it to 'cross practice and now everyone comes to my car to inflate their tires at races. It's pretty funny. I went and found one when I forgot to charge it at Granogue this year.
I use the new SKS Airchecker that the fine folks at SKS gave me at Interbike. $25 msrp.

I found that my pump reads about 5psi high compared to the digital. The gauge is small enough to fit in a pocket but it just stays in my spare parts box in my car so its always at races. I typically set my pressure before pre-ride to what typically works for me given conditions and let out air as needed, or head back to the car and pump more in.
I use a G.H. Meiser dial gauge - I decided to get one since my old Silca pump gauge is permanently stuck at 20 psi.

They work really well and the gauge holds the reading until you hit the pressure release valve. I know, digital is probably more accurate but I'm kinda old school and prefer the analog type read-out.

They cost about $10 - $15 and carry a lifetime warranty.
Thanks for all the suggestions! After reading this topic, I decided to order the SKS tire pressure gauge. I was surprised to see that it was available on Amazon (with free shipping)!

SKS Airchecker Digital Air Gauge/Pressure Regulator" target="_blank">


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