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Simultaneously taking the hole shot and somersaulting in front of the hard charging B Men field in 2004 CSI CX race brought high praises for ‘aguynamedlogan’ - “Nice recovery dude! … Nice recovery, yeah!”

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Henry, you keep posting sweet videos, making me jones even more for the fall.
you're killing me buddy! Lost a couple of nights on your website last week. Ryan's sprint is still one of my favorite.

I did CSI in 2005, that first corner was treachorous, I remember picking my way through bodies on that first corner. They warned us at the start. The other section I saw people stack was trying to jump the mini rail road tracks. Guys in the B race that year just got killed on them.

The CSI courses is one of my favorites ever. Hope to get back at some point.

Grangoue Cross UCI1 October 18- Delaware
Charm City Cross September 21- Baltimore, MD
I blew the dust off of my 2005 box of cx tapes, and took a look at your (CSI Masters) race.
Here are two short clips of the run-up and barriers – it is easy to spot you in action:

The treacherous first turn is no longer being used, but the rest of the course was pretty much the same last year. This year, CSI is promoted as a two day event.

P.S. Sorry for the double post, but the comments section apparently doesn't show clickable links.
is that logan loader? or another logan riding for alan? if it's him I'm sorta surprised, cuz the kid has bike handling skills. he was hopping a two foot log in a race once at full speed.
It was Logan Hodson, top rider - he won the next VERGE series B men race in Sterling, MA. That corner where Logan crashed was made dangerous by patches of ice.


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