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Thanks to our Belgian correspondent and contributor, Christine Vardaros, we've got an exclusive chance to talk with superstar cyclocross racer Sven Nys prior to the Olympics. And we're the only interview he's accepting prior to the Olymipcs. So, as a magazine that's for and by the 'cross community, this is an opportunity for the community to drive that conversation.

What would you like to ask Mr. World Cup? Post your top 3 questions below by end of day, 7/19.

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1. Do the Belgian (men) riders ever even consider the riders from the USA much of a threat at world cup events?

2. What is your least favorite Belgian beer?
Man that is great! Keep up the good work guys. CX Magazine is really becoming the cyclocross authority!
I would further the American question as to what he thinks American riders need to do to compete at a higher level and be that bigger threat.

What would it take for the euro stars to race in America?
1. How do you break down your training with your different bikes. MTB , Road , Cross
2. Do you train on your cross bike all year?
3. Does mountain bike racing help cross or does cross help you mountain bike racing?
Do you miss the days when you could bunny hop barricades? Do you think promoters will ever bring back that style of race course?

How do you like indoor 'cross events? Do you think there's a future in them?

How did you like last year's night race? Did it have enough illumination for safety ans for good competition?

Do you think another 'cross stronghold (i.e. Belgium) will get developed in the future? Will the Netherlands offer as many events as Belgium?
Ask him about his sweet sunglasses line I saw last night at the local mini mart.

1. Oftentimes you attack in the last 2 laps of a race, what advantages do you think this gives you over an earlier solo attack or a later attack near the line?

2. You are a very successful rider, and therefore always marked by your competitors. How do you overcome being one of the most watched riders in the group?

3. Given the choice, do you prefer courses with man made barriers, or with natural obstacles instead? Why?
Ask him if the average Belgian crosser would like better technique or a few more watts.
As a serial back of packer looking to improve this coming season I'd love to know what Sven's favourite (or what he feels is most beneficial) training session.
Sven you are the man!

too late for questions, but here's mine
1. Do you plan on keeping focus on cross for the next few years with your new team, or are you going to shift focus onto the MTB now?

2. What do you think of all the new talent that has come into elite cross the past year and the future of the sport?

3. Do you drink beer? If so, what is your favorite?


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