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Im building up a Blue CX6.5 for the up coming season with a FSA 46/36,any thoughts on shifter,derailluer set ups...........Sram Force is getting praised,anyone heard of running their Red group ?

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I've seen several pro riders running Red.
The majority of cross bikes I see running Sram are equipped with Rival, cheap, light and dependable.

Rival is being revamped for 2009 with trickle down technology from Red: zero loss shifting, carbon levers with a redesigned shape and reach adjust.

I'm hoping to have my hands on the new Rival group by mid-August.
Sweet,thanks for the tip
Yeah i have to say if money is not an issue go for the good stuff, but in my house rival looks awesome!

I bought dura-ace for my cross rig (all used) but cross just tears stuff up and sometimes cheaper is actually a hell of a lot smarter.
Leave Red for the pros unless you can get a great deal. The three Sram road groups are essentially the same with weight loss upgrades (carbon, bolt material) throughout. You'll find the performance with the new groups to be really similar.
The main advantage (as I see it) with Red is if you have small hands - it's the only one with adjustable reach levers.
Right now I'm running Rival with a Red front derailleur because I got the front for basically nothing. Same FSA crankset as you. I've found it to be pretty much ideal.
I had a chance to check out the new Rival with the carbon brake lever yesterday. Felt really good.
One option you may want to consider: If you're looking to shed weight and increase performance, buy the '09 Rival, and use the cash you save to get a superlight race wheelset.
Thanks for all of the input from everyone,after spending way too much time internet surfing it does seem that the 09' Rival carbon handled set is going to be the balls !
Anyone want to take a guess on pricing ?
Is the rumor mid-August for availability ?
My bike will be built up near complete but shifterless by the up coming weekend and I will get strange looks tearing up the local parks with no brakes and dismounting to change the cassette/chain position roadside !
If you're ordering anything now, check with whoever you're ordering from in advance. The shop I work for got an 09 Specialized Tricross which has the new Rival.
Pricing is going to be similar (possibly the same) as the previous iteration.
hey guys, talked with sram today and they said QBP has the rival 09 parts in stock already. so, get your local LBS to get their order in. prices have not been published though.
I've been wondering what advantages if any the SRAM stuff has, specific for cyclocross. Two big points: Rival certainly has a nice price point, and there are lots of options for chainrings.

I've never bought a complete grouppo (aside from getting a big old deal on Chorus parts back when I was an Ace Wheelworks employee). Did SRAM consider the 'cross market when developing the groupsets? I like that you can disassemble the front shifter to remove the shift lever, in case you run a single ring in front.
Two advantages that come in handy for 'cross:
1. Like Campy, Sram road groups can be disassembled and, successfully re-assembled. Try that with Shimano, or better yet, don't.

2.The ability to shave a little weight by gutting the shifter when running a 1x10, or SS, is nice too.

I think Rival is a good group because it meets the needs of the majority of recreational 'cross racers: light, reliable and affordable.

Sram road & mountain - unfortunately their road line is not interchangeable with their mountain components, different cable pulls.

in all seriousness, I've thought of running DA 10 just to be able to get neutral wheels the past few years, but we now have campy 10 finally so that's a non-issue. I don't have SRAM stuff so I don't know if it is interchangeable on the road like it is on the MTB. Cross comes down to more not screwing up or tripping over that barrier when you're going 110% more than the bike, as long as its working right for ya :) I think the outside factors are more advandageous than any weight you may gain.

my 2c.
Went to my local shop a few days ago here in Salt lake City.
Picked up a Sram Force,front/rear derailluer and was told that any 09'Rival set up is now avail,only two short days away.Was prcied at $320-for shifter set up.
Not too bad,that was w/out haggeling.
New in box 08' Force shifters are all over Ebay for $230ish though,hmmmmm....What to do ?
Eric reminded me though,does not matter so much at my weak ass C level as Im goint to wash out in some loose sand or trip over a barrier anyways.


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