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Im building up a Blue CX6.5 for the up coming season with a FSA 46/36,any thoughts on shifter,derailluer set ups...........Sram Force is getting praised,anyone heard of running their Red group ?

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Update.............Went to pull the trigger today on those so called available 09' Rival shifters and was mis-informed !
My bike shop said who ever I had spoken with was mistaken and was looking at an 08' catalog,"Arghhhhhhhhh".
Not available till December ?
Other reputable shop here in SLC says mid September.
Back to surfing Ebay,cant wait any longer !
Your shop is misinformed.
Quality Bicycle Products currently has them in stock, part # LD4511.
Have them check their online QBP account.
Mark, here's an example of it through QBP.

Your shop has access to the same catalog/stuff. Good luck! Report back on how you like it.
I ran Force all cross season last year, and had run DA before that. I have Red on the Road for this season, and here is what I think::

DA....NO, after getting used to the quick shifts of SRAM, it would be hard to go back.
Force...Yes....Light, Durable, rebuildable, quick shifts, works great in the dirt. with a yessy after taste....Red has been a little more finicky that the Force last year, and that carbon shift lever is slippery as hell on the road, so imagine it in muddy ass cross...(this could be fixed) Rear Der. is fragile as hell (alot of pro road teams used force rear der.), and the Crank....don't even think of running that BB in the muck...the reco overhauling ever 100 hours or every time it gets if you are into repacking bearings then go for it, other wise..Don't use the fancy RED cassettes in the mud...because of one piece design, they won't clear the mud, so no shifty...for that matter, they suck on the road too. I'm sticking with DA cassettes for all applications....I own all three groups....and I am running Force for cross....that's what I got. hope it helps
Way Good advice,a bit opinionated but exactly what im thinking so im opinionated too !
Inking up on some Force shifters today !

Make sure to post some pictures when you get your bike built and ready to race!


R. Kelly,

Good stuff. Curious about one thing - You find the carbon RED levers more slippery than the carbon Force levers? What's the difference that makes Red more slippery?
I think he was talking about the shift lever, not the brake lever. Force's shifter is metal (at least 08 was, not sure about 09).

Last year;s Force has a crabon Brake lever, but a metal shift lever that is textured and a bit more tacky...the Red has carbon brake lever and a carbon shift lever, the shift lever has a glossy finish that makes it a bit slippery when sweaty/muddy. my remedy is a little square of grip tape (self adhesive sand paper) on the lever.
Just got my Blue out of the shop......Done !
Took her out on the Pipeline trail here in Salt lake last night and got the usual "What are ya doing up here " looks from the mountain bikers.
I am totaly diggin the 09' Rival shifters !
Never had Sram before.It seems dead on,very crisp !
Great feel.
Local shop sold em to me for just under $300-
Cheers !
I'm running Rival on top and Force below on my Yeti, very nice. The only thing is that it can seem a touch sloppy shifting up to a larger sprocket, especally the front. It's still wearing in, so it may be an adjustment issue.


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