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Anybody have any feedback on the sram S300 cross double crankset, I'm looking for a reasonably priced cross-worthy component. Also checked out the truvative rouleur cross double.

Any thoughts? Not too concerned about the weight, just want something that will take a beating in all conditions. Any other suggestions?


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Do you have a BB already? If you're not attached to the external cups, we've had good luck with the ritchey wcs/pro crankset. The small bearings don't last forever with octalink, but they aren't exposed to the elements as much as external bearings. old skool though.

as you noticed, the rouleur is similar, with the same bearings and weight, cambria bike has it for $109.

personally, i prefer a 36/46 or 38/48. I find the jump between a 38/46 to be a little small.
I've been looking around for a set of those Ritchey cranks for a while now and can't find them anywhere. Discontinued?
You need to search around for them. FWIW, there was a recall on the left crank arm for certain manufacturing runs. I have two sets for both bikes and have not had problems, but now that the season is over I will be sending them back for replacement. Overall I really like them, but am looking to change the 48 to a 46. They are pretty stiff and have taken quite a bit of abuse. This is the 3rd year that I have had them so they have seen a lot of racing. I also use my B-bike to commute to work 2-3 days a week, and that bike sees it all.
I've got one...seems fine. no complaints. All and all a pretty decent crankset for $110.
There is an issue with some of the 2005 Truvativ Elita Cross cranks, made by SRAM. The spindle is not properly pressed into the crank arm to spec. The crank arm can work loose, and a nasty creak develops.

When I spoke w/Chuck @ SRAM (I had a defective set), he said that this is a recall campaign, but it is not a safety issue. They shipped out a set of S300's, and I haven't had a problem since.

(Actually... my girlfriend hasn't had a problem with them, since I just pressed mine apart, cleaned the interface, red loc-tited the hell out of the spindle, and re-pressed it back into the arm to spec. No problems yet!)
I had a pair of Truvativ Elita road cranks that separated from the spindle on the non-drive side, and I'm hardly a world-class powerhouse. When my lbs sent them back to SRAM they sent me a Rival set to replace them and I've been happy ever since.

I guess that doesn't answer the OP's question...
Update to my first reply:

I've since changed out my cranks with the S300's, and did the entire Bay Area Super Prestige series without as much as a click from them. For the price of the crankset, in comparison with it's competitors/equals, it's a damn strong buy. Very good bang for buck ratio!

They're now on commuter duty, since the new bike is a Cannondale CX2 with a BB30 carbon crankset. I've heard good things about the BB30 set up, so we'll see how they hold up to a winter/spring thrashing.


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