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Can you PLEASE take a minute to vote for me in the VegNews Magazine Awards Contest that is taking place NOW through end of August.

I am still on trial with the magazine as a fitness columnist so it would be great to win their contest. Also the additional exposure that i could get would help increase awareness of cyclo-cross - my top love!

Click on this link to get there. Just vote or skip the other contests to get to the "Favorite Vegan Athlete" section.

THANKS SO MUCH! Your help is really appreciated.

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just want to chime in here - as folk can prob guess, CXM is a low budget operation, and writers like christine do it out of love. if the community can help out through things like this - it'd help keep our writers going!

the survey has a ton of questions, but thankfully answering them all isn't mandatory, so you can skip the ones you aren't familiar with and get to the important ones - like voting for christine!
Voted for you! Can we do it loads of times?
I assume you can! Thanks! What may be a good idea is to use a different name and email every time just in case they actually check.
THanks again! I really appreciate the support!
Well, you got 3 from me. I guess having 3 differnent emails does pay off.
yippee! Every vote really does count in this contest (as opposed to our presidential election - haha.)
Did it. I also like Rice Dream, in crystalized and liquid forms.
thanks! I like rice dream too. I actually prefer rice products over soy because the protein level is lower and the taste is better too.
You think rice tastes better? Looks like you just lost my vote!
I don't discriminate against those who favor soy...
Got my vote.

SoyDream Chocolate ftw!
thanks martini. I have eaten lots of soydream as well. I tend to like the ones with lots of chunks in it like chocolate, nuts, cherries, etc because it reminds me of my old days when i was addicted to Ben § Jerry's.


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