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I'm going tubular this year! Hooray! What's your opinion on the best all around tubular? I live in Utah where about 1/2 the races are muddy, 1/4 snowy and 1/4 dry. Last year I was on Michelin Mud's regardless. If you could only have one tubular, what would it be? I'm considering Tufo, Challenge Grifo, and Vittoria's. Dugasts are too expensive!

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Challenge Grifo, the fat ones. used them this year for 3 races so far and have been impressed. had Vittoria EVO something or other last year and they were just not aggressive enough. never tried Tufos yet.
I love my 34mm Challenge Grifos! I'm on my 2nd season on them, so far so good. It's mostly dry here in norcal. Haven't raced them in mud yet.

With half your races being in the mud I'd consider something a bit more aggressive than the Grifo. I suggest the Challenge Fango, which seems to be up there with the Rhino in terms of quality and ride, but not price. I'm on Grifos now, but I'm looking for something that'll hook up a bit better in the muddy stuff and sloppy off-camber corners. I am considering Fangos or Rhinos. Pacocha at Velonews says the Fango is faster and has better grip than the Grifos.

Velonews Fango

Happy Shopping,
I think the challenge fango and the schwalbe racing ralph tubulars would be top choices (both are advertisers) because of your mud/snow conditions. unfortunately schwalbe is not really available still as they make sure that quality is up to snuff, so the fango is great option. of course, the dugast rhino is good as well but you mentioned that's not an option. I think the vittoria XG, esp. the 290 tpi is also worthwhile - the tread is grifo like but the side knobs are a bit more aggressive. and their XM should be out soon. the new tufos are looking pretty aggressive as well but a few weeks away in the states.

one note, I believe the velonews review was done on the open tubulars and makes it hard to compare to tubulars.


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