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I am building up a cross bike. Have some Euro X brakes on order, but I am starting to have some second thoughts based on my concerns about ease of adjustment, keeping them from squeeling, etc. I am thinking about exchanging them for the Shimano BR550 set up. This may not be as euro-cool, but it seems that it might better serve my needs. Any thoughts? I would love to hear experiences with the Euro X brakes; good or bad, so that I can decide whether or not to make the change.


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chris, does it ever get muddy in OK? what did you decide if anything?

it hardly does here, until dec/jan, then it sometimes doesn't stop raining. because of this, i ride the wide-profile brakes just because I like to bike in bike races, don't often bring a pit bike, and sometimes am far too busy or lazy to switch brakes mid-season.

we've been testing the velo orange and trp adjustable pads. we'll have more soon but in general experience has been positive, but i personally didn't have squeal or chatter problems with the normal alum Euro-X brakes and pads.
I ended up with the BR550s. It is pretty dry here. I wanted to go with the eurox's but I know myself well enough that if there was a lot of fine-tuning needed, then I would keep tinkering with the brakes trying to get them just right until something snapped off in my hand. The Shimano brakes are great. The adjustment is easy. I can see how more clearance would be helpful, but I am hoping I won't need that too much. I figure if some of the pros run them, or the TRPs like them, then not having them (the eorox's) won't be the difference between 75th and 76th at nationals...


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