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lots of chatter about getting out the running shoes nowadays. curious to see what folks are doing in terms of running in their training. a big part of your training? stadium repeats? or just focus on the bike? does mud in your area make running a big part of racing?

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I started running stairs. I'm lucky enough to have an outdoor set near me that's about 150 up a hill. Every Wednesday I run them repeatedly for 45 minutes. Of course I end up walking and stopping, but man has that helped. At first could only do it a few times and I was dead, now I can go at a good pace for 20 minutes without a break and do the entire 45 min, head to work, and feel pretty good for the day. It's really helped.

Last week up in San Fran it was really muddy, but the one run-up was cake for me. I passed a few guys on that and it was short. Felt really good. I was also on a single speed that day so there were a few other places I just ran where everyone else was slopping through and clunking gears around, and I actually made up time. It was a huge advantage. Only the 5th race of the season for me and it's already paid off.
I pretty much hate running as others have said a normal cyclist should!!

However for the last month or so I've added two days a week of doing 10 or so run-ups on a hill on the course I ride. Other then the extremely strange looks I get as I blast into the hill jump off and shoulder my bike run the hill and then jump back on and do it again I gotta say I think it has really helped me. I haven't been feeling as "knackered" on the runs we have in my area races. Not killing them yet but who knows

As with others on this thread I incorporate a run-up section (actually two of them) in my training course. Of course, people look at you like you're nuts but more often than not, they ask questions and bang! Another fan of cross. But I have noticed that putting these run-ups in my ccourse have given me the technical training and speed needed to at least approach these things with confidence. I usually end a course work-out with 10 dismount/remount with about a 20 yard between. So, a lot fo running (much more than in a race). If you do more in training/practice than you will have in the races, you'll do better. Suffer in training so the event is more fun :-) Of course with 'cross, it just hurts all of the time....which is the way it should be.
I travel without my bike, so I'm forced to run, a bunch. But as someone else said earlier, I find running gets the heart rate up faster and burns more calories per minute. Also, it's easier to do a run at night or when it's super cold than it is to get on the bike. Running keeps the cycling fresh.


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