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I've put the same post on RBR, but the more feedback the better.

I'm in charge of an upcoming training series. It's USAC "non-competitive" so we'll have volunteers scoring, not officials. I've a pretty good idea of how to of how it'll all work, but some additional pointers would be greatly appreciated.

So far, I've printed out scoring sheets for each race. There will be 2 races--30 min and 45 min--each night with no need to separate fields within the races. The plan is to time the first 2 laps, average those two times, and do the math to determine total number of laps (all this info is prompted at the top of the scoring sheet). The scoring sheet then has several columns for race numbers to be recorded in the order they cross the finish line. They'll draw a line between the last racer number and the first racer number to keep track of scored laps. As long as the scorers keep up the head of the race, they can count down the laps and record the final finishing order.

Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance for any helpful pointers.

For those of you in the WNC vicinity:

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That looks pretty good...only thing I would also remember is a camera at the finish to record any possible sprints on the last lap. I also use a 3-ring binder with the numbers 1-9 printed in HUGE lettering on individual pages to show racers how many laps remain as they go through the finishing straight every lap.

Lastly, I split my spotters up to one sitting close to the finish line and one about 10 m shy of the line to say who goes by (the recorder is busy writing numbers down and might not be able to look up to see racers).

Hope this helps!


Sorry for reviving an old thread.  But we (Port Adelaide Cycling Club, South Australia) have used CrossMgr which is easy to use and runs off a lap top.  Plus a number caller, and a paper backup.  It really is too simple to not use and calculates the race distance for you!


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