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I have my first Cross race coming up this Sunday! I am super stoked! I have a MTB background so I think that will help. I am basically looking for any suggestions to help Sunday go smoothly. Warming up? Clincher tire pressure for some different conditions (I am a big guy BTW)? I will be running 35mm Conti Speed Kings. Tips that have served you well in the past? Anything really. That is my rig below, I commute on it as well. Thanks for the help, I will post a race report and hopefully pictures afterwords:)

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Hey Jon,
is that like, a coaster brake in the back you got there? what kind of hub is that?
it has v brakes front and rear. it is a stock 9 speed hub with spacers and a single cog. the chain is held by a dmr tensioner pushing up on the chian.
ah ok i see it now. thought the tensioner was attached to the frame. makes sense.
good luck on the weekend! let us know how it turns out.
Hey Jon, have fun. That's the important part. Pay attention to where people pass you. Think about the inefficient parts of the race, and how you can improve them. You may have trouble remounting at speed with that sloped saddle. Practice you cx tech skills before the race if you can, low intensity. Just get off the bike and back on as smoothly as you can, over and over again. Don't eat right before your race. If you can, stick around and watch the A's race. That's the best education! If they have a ss class and you can race a 2nd race after the C's, do it. It will kill you but you'll learn a ton. Double-race days will make you stronger, too, just survive that 2nd race. The correct air pressure for clinchers always comes down to the lowest pressure you can run without pinch-flatting. A soft tire is faster than a hard tire, really. After your race, talk to more experienced cx racers. It's all about learning at this point. Have fun!
Just looked at the course (Saturday Afternoon) and there are large pools of water standing in the lower sections. The whole thing is soaked to the eyeballs from two days of downpour and it doesn't look like it is going to let up. Single speed or about 3 pit bikes is going to be a good idea. Also: we (Crazy Bastard Cross Club/Gang) put on a practice at Riverside Park (about ten minutes from this course) every Wednesday Night beginning at 5. Great place to test tire pressure, gears, mounts and dismounts. We're drawing about 20+ per night. Give it a try!

There's a Big Run Up planned for this Highland Race and my suggestion would be some toe spikes. Oh yeah, and to have fun! And drink a lot of Founders! Other than don't sweat the small stuff. This thing is going to be so slippy it's going to look like a 3 Stooges episode ...WHU-WHU-WHU-WHU LARRRRY! MOE! I'M STUCK IN THE MUD AND I CAN'T GET THIS BICYLE OUT OF MY BUTT!
wow, mud for a season opener. so jealous. not wanting anyone to get hurt of course, it'd be neat for a storm to make it's way to CA and leave a little rain.
cant wait! did some dismount and remount practice today and got the bike ready to go!

also found a magic gear! 42:18:)
I too am racing my first cross this Sunday (Charm City Cross, Baltimore). My only goal is to have fun and learn as much as I can. I was wondering what suggestions for "pit" items to take. I only have one bike and no spare wheels so I am making sure everything is in great shape pre race. If it fails I guess I'll be running a lot more...
Didn't see you at the race, but ran into Brian. What a race! It looked something out of Portland with all that mud! Great turn-out, well over 100 racers in a non-stop downpour! Check out the site for photos in a day or two. In the last laps of our race some of the hills became unrideable, and then almost unrunnable! The best shot is going to be about 20 guys and gals washing their bikes and themselves off in the kid's wading pool.



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