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Some folks have expressed interest in this. Would you be interested? Should it be domestic or international?

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Let the games begin!
I'm in
sounds cool. what are the details?
okay early preview. Huge thanks to Jake who's the star behind getting this executed. It's simple, but should get us started. Should be announced later today.

Of course, one entry per person. Prizes TBD but they'll be super cool, of course.

Do it!
Great job Andrew and Jake! This will make the races this year even more interesting. It's too bad I can't get any of the races on TV so I can cheer on my team.
I apologize for the following things:

1) Having the ability to pick Neils Albert three times. Please don't do that, that's cheating.
2) Having incorrect team information, especially on the ladies' half. If you need a team change, let me know the details and it shall be.
3) Any other hiccups down the road, as I'm sure it is for you, it's my first time hosting a fantasy program. Unlike Mr. T, I ain't so handy with computers, mister condescending director.

I tried to register a team, but it said it had a problem.
How do i know if my team made it in or not?

I tried twice and got the same message.
Yeah I'm getting that too. I'll keep hitting buttons and possibly something will happen...
Sweet this is kind of like real cross, I really don't know what I am doing but it is fun anyway! Bring it! And let the fun begin...
Despite the error message you will receive, the fantasy cyclocross is working and I will get your submissions. I will email you if you wish to confirm your entry.


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