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Some folks have expressed interest in this. Would you be interested? Should it be domestic or international?

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I was wondering that myself.
The bright lights of vegas has somewhat blinded the servers for Fantasy cross. We're busy detoxing the system and putting up results. Rest assured they've been there, we've just been trying to wrangle bandwith to send them up to the interwebs.
Jake, I was filling ot a team form and hit enter by mistake, sending the form in with the defaulted riders selected, can you ignore te team form for Pat Bentson - Rad Fantasy so that I can submit a team that I take the time to select?

Thank YOU
Ignored! I'll be ready for your real entry!
I don't see my team listed. Is there a way to log in somewhere and check?
What's your team name? I'm running this real ghetto style so I've gotta dive into the spreadsheet to figure out what's what. It should be in there, but if not I'll make things right in the world.
I don't remember, but it was probably "Built for Kilt" If you have emails on that spreadsheet mine is ryanscotthamilton at gmail
So is our roster able to be viewed and/or adjusted as the season progresses? Just wondering. Or are we 100% set with our origional choices. Also, is there any way of getting our current roster emailed to us. Thanks!
Looks like they added a link on the homepage (right next to the link for getting to the forums) for the fantasy league. It basically lists team names and standings.

It doesn't look like you can see who's on your team or change your team.

Man...if this had the ablility to change your team on a weekly basis...I'd never get work done with fantasy football/cyclocross going and basketball starting in a few weeks.
That will come eventually. Bigger fish are currently getting fried at the home base but rest assured, you'll be able to see what goes down eventually. Since things are still in their infancy, teams are locked for now. If things get more upscale down the road, things could change. For now, things are static.
this superprestige race will probably shake things up

can't wait to see the new standings.


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