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Wake up!

Tonight (Sunday) at 12:01am registration for crossnat's opens.

Who's registering?

What category are you racing?

Introduce yourself, I hope to meet all of you in KC this December!



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anyone else get an "authorize" button that's not clickable?
All registered, I'll be racing B29 and Singlespeed.
alright, i'll get it started.

anyone else have trouble? it didn't seem to like my license #. it's good, I promise. the site never let pay...

although very frustrating, let's help them debug the issue. so post some info here if you don't mind:
-license #
-road or mtn?
-when did you renew/purchase your license?
-what categories were you signing up for?

I have some theories but let's see what patterns show up.
Me TOO!!!! ARRRRRGH!!!! This time based order of reg is EFFED UP and has to END!
we don't have uscf races here in colorado and i won't let me register without a license. oh well i guess i just decided to end my season a week earier....
ah, it's funny how in usa cycling's home state there aren't many races. there are the big uci ones though, right? those are usa cycling?

you can buy one online of course, but that's $60, and that might not solve your problem because I had the same problem and have a license.
No problems here. A few promoters here in Jersey use Sportsbaseonline for registration so my profile was set, though the rules page that came up before I could register was annoying... Register first, read rules later. I'll be in the B30-39, Masters 30-34, and Singlespeed.
only thing i can think of is that i have an mtb license (as well as officials license) but not road. But is says cross cat 3 on it and i am active and all that.

it had my profile from last year, which i tried. then i made a new one, also no love.

i hope they can track logins and will correct this. If you are going to have this stupid time/date call up, your system damn well better work.

you know what will happen, they will reset the server as soon as the guy in KC gets out of bed to check his bank account balance, and then people will jump right back in and keep reg'ing, and it will be luck of the draw to when you happen to go back and check if its working.

USAC is to blame for this bull crap, for not designing a system for cyclocross. Every year we have this same deal with huge fields and all. And they do nothing.

Meanwhile, I did ONE MTB race, started late with the 45's by accident, so finished like last, and got a series of EMAILS from USAC telling me I qualified for Nationals, and please please come join the fun. Opposite problem with cross but they still think its the poor cousin.

Grrr. I am just wicked cranky from being UP all night long. WTF
Well, I spoke with Dirk at sportsbase. He insists its a USAC database problem when his server queries their server. Something not happy with my license.

Of course, I checked my status yesterday and last night. Active. I would bet money its some problem to do with my license being an official, and then I added MTB during the spring, or something.

He said he will have to call them and see what the problem with it is and call me back.

Thuper Duper.
I think it's the MTB problem. I bet they're querying for a road license only. I had the same problem. The programming doesn't realize you can have a license for either and be legit for 'cross.

You know, I didn't really care much about starting position for my races (non title events) but after staying up and trying every other permutation, it was a little frustrating to say the least.

Jerry - just a hint - you can use someone else's license # and get it, and then make the switch later.
"...just a hint - you can use someone else's license # and get it, and then make the switch later."

Yeah, but who would do that? ;)
This guy says what I suppose many wish they could be saying:


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