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Wake up!

Tonight (Sunday) at 12:01am registration for crossnat's opens.

Who's registering?

What category are you racing?

Introduce yourself, I hope to meet all of you in KC this December!



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you must be a dirty mountain biker...
I hear ya Larry, I too sat and refreshed the screen. I was 3rd in line to register. Same problem everyone else is having. I'm from KC and I'm skipping nats this year due to this issue. I'll attend as a spectator. I'll spend my $40 on something else cyclocross related.

Can we send this thread to USAC?
You meant to say FIFTY dollars, right? 40 bucks to race is so 2007.

Na, $40. Wasn't going to do Masters. Just "B"'s.
Allrighty then, I just got a call from DIRK at SBO explaining the problem and in my case he has fixed it. For some reason, those of us with MTB licneses were not recognized by the registration process as current all though we should have been. Dirk called me after I sent a scathing e-mail to them, admitted there was a prob, and was able to see exactly what time I tried to register and how many registered riders were in front of me, to which I replied fair enough and thanks for recognizing and fixing the problem in my case. I have been placed in my Age group in the proper place as a result and must give SBO kudos for the quick resolve. There was some mis communication regarding this issue between SBO and USA Cycling. If you follow up with them as I did I think you can get your indiviual issues resolved....the sour part is that the guys I was going to go with may not be able to get fixed and I'll be traveling with myself instead of with my bros....which is half the fun of the experience....we shall see. Hope this helps.
Better of my homies just got the call and went through the same process and has been placed appropriately in his age group...they are working deligently to resolve all problems, which has got to be a nightmare for them, work with them and you'll get in...
Addicted to Bicycles

Thanks for all your info, I'm sure it will help a lot of folks.
They are certainly sincerely trying to make it right. I think SB deserves credit for their customer service in this issue. Follow story here:
After being convinced to go to KC in an earlier post, I did the late night mouse sprint. Sorry to all of y'all who had trouble. Registration list puts me 20th in Master's 3-34 and 18th in B 30-39. Maybe I won't get lapped. Maybe.
I'm "Nine" baby!!

Talked to Dirk today at SBO. He got me in at the correct place. 2min 46sec after Registration opened. That equals Ninth in line! Thanks Josh for getting me his number. See you all in December.

Oh, and for the out of towner's. This race is held WAY far north KC. So don't think that's all there is to KC.



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