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I downloaded my heart rate data from this Sunday’s race and thought it was interesting enough to share. For reference, I'm 31, my Lactate threshold is somewhere around 170bpm, and my previous max recorded HR was 194. As you can tell from the data, I was freakin pegged as soon as the gun went off and it didn't let up until 40min later at the end. I hit a new max of 199bpm sprinting for a place at the line.

My GPS / HRM file

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Just for grins, here's the max and average heart rates for my last 29 cx races:

171.0 163.0
170.0 162.0
172.0 164.0
171.0 163.0
170.0 161.0
172.0 163.0
174.0 164.0
170.0 160.0
173.0 161.0
169.0 158.0
170.0 108.0
177.0 168.0
172.0 164.0
171.0 138.0
173.0 163.0
174.0 164.0
172.0 147.0
176.0 165.0
172.0 142.0
172.0 164.0
172.0 168.0
171.0 163.0
176.0 167.0
171.0 166.0
176.0 167.0
177.0 161.0
133.0 118.0
174.0 166.0
174.0 156.0

My max is somewhere around 178bpm. If I'm healthy and rested my HR usually does end up averaging about the same, every time. The two numbers averaged 171.2 and 157.7 over all the races. (Some races were aberrations in more ways than one.)

It's a good race if my speed and hr are fairly flat start to finish, and I can finish with a kick. Just from your data, it looks like you had a good race, nodeal.

You can see my cx races at

My race last weekend was similar, my LT (last I checked) was about 170, but ran an avg of 180 for 45 mins peaking at 191 (max) for the finish. I'm going to get an official LT re-test this guess is that it's slightly higher and I should adjust the training respectively.

Charts from the race...

I wore my monitor last night at the clinic. After an hour of clinic work and one lap warm up I turned on the monitor. Granted this was not a race so take the info for whats it's worth. I rode great for 30 min, then let up for 5 and the rode another good ten minutes. I started getting sloppy at the end so I stopped.

Avg 187bpm
Max 197bpm

I'm 31, 5'7" 135#
Give us some more info, how does that compare to your threshold, max, etc?

My threshold is around 165ish usually, max is somewhere just shy of 180. Pure bpm numbers don't translate person-to-person.

I picked up my puppy the other day when she was chasing our cat. I felt her heartbeat and it felt like an engine running. It depends on the animal.

What'd you (original poster) use to capture that data? My current computer only captures max/avg/time-in-zones but your much more robust dataset makes my inner geek lust...
My HRM is a Garmin Edge 305. I used Garmin's Motionbased website to generate the graphs.


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