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I've got a bike I'm going to convert to a 1x9 setup. I've got a few options with parts laying around - third eye chain watcher, a n-gear jump stop (have had great success with this), and single or double chainguards.

I'm curious if someone has tried several approaches and settled on one (either double guards, or just one and a device). Or, even done without with high chain tension?

Any problems of chain breakage with a 10 speed?

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I ran 1x10 last season with a jump stop on the inside and a FSA carbon chain guard on the outside. Worked like a charm with SRAM Rival. The problem you may run into with double guards is chainstay clearance. With SRAM, you can even gut the left shifter to lose a little weight off the rig. I ran a 12x27 cogset.
Something that I just remembered being told about (regarding chains falling off) is that you can use a front dérailleur as a chain guard/chain stay. This was told to me by this old-school, amazing & legendary Cross racer out here in Portland, OR. This guy has been racing cross for years, runs his own bike shop and is all about helping building build up their own bikes, especially when we're building on a budget. He has more knowledge and info than anyone I've met. But what he told me was that you can use an old front dérailleur cage as a chain guard, even when you're not using it as a dérailleur. He recommended it to me because I ride single speed. He said that you can mount it and then adjust it to be as tight on the chain as possible so that the chain then wouldn't be able to slide off. He also said that you could bend it in a bit to "snug" it up to the chain.

Not sure if this would help any of you, since you all are riding geared bikes. But I'm sure that the theory still applies.
I have a 1 x 8 set-up with a home made chain catcher and have never dropped a chain in training or races. I have dropped chains with chain guards and a simple chain watcher. Mine is simular to the Pauls but I did not want to pay the $52 which I felt was way over priced. See attached photo


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