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What class would you recommend for the first time CX even, CX4 r MASTER 45+?

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If I am understanding the OP's post correctly, looks like there is a Cat 4 Masters 45+ race available.  Cat 4 is definitely where you want to be.  Then it is just a question of whether you want to be competing against all age group beginners (Cat 4, straight up, no chaser) or beginners in your age group (Cat 4 Masters 45+)

At 50 years old I started CX one year ago and was advised to go with Cat 4 because the masters racers were faster-experienced. I think it was the right choice especially as there were only 3 racers in the Masters category. I get stomped by 20 somethings but not all of them and usually finish mid pack in my local races. If your races are large enough to have a CX 4 Masters that would be a good fit as well. If you become addicted to 'cross and have some extra cash you might want to look into single speed as well. You'd have a spare bike for your regular category and you get to race a second category on race day. Single speeds are lighter (faster) than geared bikes and once you get the gearing dialed in you'll find you hardly miss the extra gears. Everyone is in the same boat with single speed so it's all up to you. Enjoy!


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