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So I know it isnt really the time of year when people are thinking about buying cross wheels.... but I have some to sell. I have 4 sets... one on my bike and then of the 3 left, I need to sell 2.... if there are any questions, let me know... and send me your email address and I can send you pictures of the set you are interested in.

Set #1 - Easton EA70X with 34 Challenge Fango tires glued on the wheels. The tires were new to this set of wheels and had aquaseal applied to the sidewalls when they were glued. The wheels retail now for $550 and have been out of sock for a while. These are 2 years old - but have been ridden exactly 6 times. I bet they have less than 25 miles on them. I never raced them and never even rode them in the mud.... they literally are almost brand new. I have $650 into the wheels and tires. I am asking less than half that $350 plus shipping.... probably like $25 in the US. One thing worth noting... I cannot find the skewars for the wheels. I have them..... when/if i find them, i would ship them to you at no charge.


Set #2 - Bontrager Race X Lite aluminum wheels with 34 Challnege Fango tires glued on them...... and I upgraded the bearings to ceramics. This was a prototype set of wheels from Trek. The story I got from the guy at Trek I bought them from was that they were experiementing with using a wider rim for road use or a cross specific rim that never went into production. It is 22.5mm wide - not 19mm or smaller for other tubular rims. These have the bladed spokes and the DT Dwiss made Bontrager Hubs. Retail on these new was $900. I have $950 into the wheels, tires and ceramic bearings. I love this set because they are wide... and they just roll so nice. I am asking $450 plus shipping. I also cannot find the skewars for these wheels- probably with the Easton skewars to be honest.... when/if I find them, i will send them to you at no charge.


Set #3 - Velocity Major Tom Aluminum tubular hoops laced to Velocity race hubs with double butted DT spokes. The hoops, hubs and spokes are all black. The hoops are new and unglued. The hubs had 3 months of use before i had them put into this set of hoops. I raced a duplicate set of these wheels last year and they are awesome! I am actually thinking about keeping these and using them as my spare set. I am asking $300 for these plus shipping - and I do have the skewars for these.

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I'd like to see the Eastons, please email me at htfu.aaron AT gmail DOT com
interested in the bontragers.  email me jnlnowak AT netscape DOT net
Are the eastons still available?

the eastons are still available. let me know if you want to see any pictures and send me your email address and i can send you pictures of whatever you would like to see.


The Bontrager set has been sold.

What is the spoke count on the Major Toms?
The Major Toms are not available anymore. The Eastons are the only wheels still available.... sorry.
Ok. I've got a Fox F29 I need to sell to raise 'capital'. I'll hit you up again once my fork sells to see if they are still available.

I like Easton a lot, have EA50SL clinchers on the bike now.

If the Eastons are still available, drop me an email w/ more info at alex.braunstein [at] gmail DOT com

I'd be very interested in the Eastons.  Feel free to email me.  Thanks!


Are the Easton's sold yet?




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