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Well, it seems my cross days were limited to one season, and are now over. In a major funk due to it.

I blew out another disc last May in an XTERRA, had surgery in June, and the doc told me at my 6 month checkup at the end of December that he did not recommend any off road riding for me. I tried to get cross quantified as a road bike sport, but that did not work. Something about my back being held together with 8 screws, 4 rods, cadaver bone, blah blah blah.

So, I have a 2010 Cannondale CX5 for sale. This is pick up only (am willing to meet if a reasonable distance). I am in eastern NC. I will sell the bike with an additional set of Hutchinson Bulldog tires and I will leave the egg beaters on it. I rode it in 5 cross races last year, a few training rides, mostly on the road and a bit on the trainer. No dents or scratches, (which doesn't say much for my competiveness on the cross course, does it?!) and my guess is less than 100 miles on it.

Here is the speck sheet.




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How much are you looking for?

Here is what I have for sale an pricing:

CX5 with tires (both the Kenda and the Huchinson) and egg beater pedals: $950.00

I also have:

Cannondale Jekyll with left fork for sale : $800

Kona Major One single speed cross bike (54) for sale for $500 (used in only .5 races - rear tire shifted in stays in sand as I forgot to tighten it all the way = DNF)

I also have an Ultegra Crankset that you can mount on the CX5 and turn it into a road bike off season (minor adjustment to the derailluer of course and a longer chain) : $150.00 (no bearings for it, but you can use the ones already in the CX5

Finally, if interested, a set of Mavic CXP11 (I think they are 11) rims with DuraAce hubs: $100.00

Are you in NC/Southeastern VA?


I am really interested in the Kona Major One...that is what I really wanted. I am in Northern VA but I'd be willing to drive most of the way. I go to VA Beach and Raleigh for work often.

I am in Rocky Mount, so depending on how you go to Raleigh, you may drive ight thru. I love the ss but will buy a ss road since that isall i can do now. If you are interested we can work out a way for you to see it on your next trip.

Sounds good Eric. I might look at next weekend then, I might be able to do this Sunday if you available. I wont know until tomorrow afternoon.

I am busy this weekend, but should be around 2/4-5. By the way,I forgot that I have two extra cogs, a spare chain, spare brake levers and the tool for the removal/installation of the cogs. They need to go with the bike, and it will up the amount a little. All of those are brand new, never used, and i need to see what they cost. I will let you know ASAP. My apologies.


I looked and I am going to keep the tool as I may buy a ss road bike, but as for the 17 and 18 tooth cogs and the ss chain, I am not going to up the price, so ignore what I said in the previous post yesterday. I got the spare levers free because UPS damaged the box and one of the levers, so no charge on them either.

How do you want to try to coordinate seeing/buying the bicycle?


If next weekend is better for you I have no objections. Do you have any pictures? Could you come up north to Roanoke Rapids?

I will put some photos together. It will be sunday or Monday. Roanoke rapids would not be a problem.


I will take some photos today at lunch when home. Send me an email so I will have your email address and we will move the discussion off the forum. My address is azarashiinu at yahoo dot com .



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