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A PDF of all the 2010 Cyclocross Bikes I could find. Work in progress. Wish someone would make a website with all this info in one place.

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Whoa, that is a huge amount of work there. Very nice. Though you did miss my personal ride. Van Dessel has two offerings that are worth a mention.
I decided to make a webpage that will list all 2010 cross bikes (two categories, Single Speed and Geared). It shows picture, name, price and links to offical page about for more info. I'll post it when I've got it done later today or tomorrow.
Here is a website version which is easier to use.
You forgot one of the sexiest bikes in the paddock ... the Vanilla Crossvagen (yeah, yeah ... I know it's not really a retail frame, but it's HAWT).
Jamis Supernova. $2550
Jamis Nova Pro. $1575
Jamis Nova $1100

Pinarello full CArbon DA $3700
Pinarello Ultegra SL $2200

Pake C'Mute $1000


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