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I know its hard for all of us to plop down $200 for new tires that haven't been reviewed much yet. So I took the plunge and bought the new 320tpi Vittoria XM tires.

If you don't really want to read the lengthy review, here it is in a nut shell. Its a really nice tire and Vittoria stepped up their cross tubular game with a new super supple casing and new sticky rubber (two major complaints of the older tires). The tread design is great, gives you grip and sheds mud. But as most tires, this tire is pretty condition specific. I found it works great in heavy mud but rolls slow when the course dries up.

Hey Jon Page rides these and he's sponsored by Challenge so its gotta be good (second picture on his front page)

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you paid to much for those tires.
i didn't pay $200 for those tires. I work at a shop, i posted msrp
I just got the new 320tpi xg's(tread is like the grifo). Super supple! Base tape, sidewalls, and tread is 100 times better than old vittorias. They are $90 each, about what you'd pay for a grifo.

I believe these are supposed to have way better flat protection too, but it is not proven yet.

Which way did you mount the rear tire?

I think I said this in my blog post but I reversed the tread in the rear for more forward grip.
Sorry, you probably did and I missed it. I'm browsing from my phone which isn't always ideal.

I only have the clincher version at the moment, but it has the same tread pattern. I was thinking of reversing the rear tire too.

well you have it easy, you can switch back and forth with the clinchers. I don't have the luxury since mine are tubs. try it and report back.
World Class Cycles has them at $165 for 2. My friend got a pair on ebay for $130.


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